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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, International Women of Color will be traveling to Ghana in 2022.  Complete the Survey to express interest and join mailing list.


Participants will be grouped based on their interest, expertise and profession.

The 2022 Sankofa Tour

The response to the IWC announcement of the Sankofa Tour has been outstanding; the interest is overwhelming; and we are grateful.  Your interest in traveling to Ghana and in providing continued service in the IWC initiatives there demonstrates your support of Z-HOPETM and what we strive to accomplish.  The next step is for those who plan to participate to complete the actual application and for IWC to share information about our tour.  The Sankofa Tour website now features our Sankofa Tour Itinerary, general information for this tour, the application, payment schedule, forms and deadlines.

 Once applications are received tour participants will receive regular updates and information.  As deadlines come due, guidance will be provided so that all participants are on the same page and are connected.

 As of August 20, 2021, IWC is no longer accepting interest for the 2022 tour; however, we will maintain a file for those interested for subsequent tours .

 To access the application and additional information you can use the following link or the QR code provided.


International Women of Color Participation

Sorors, you answered our call.  The participation in WoYeBra and the Water Well Maintenance programs during the 2020-2021 fiscal year was outstanding.  We are able to continue the support of cohorts in WoYeBra, training and providing Ghanaian women the ability to become entrepreneurs and young girls the resources to remain in school.  We are making great progress in providing the funding for water well maintenance of the wells Zeta dug throughout Ghana during previous administrations.

 Sorors, Chapters and Regions that contributed $200 or more to these programs are receiving their Mary E. Singletary Certificates via email.  We are extremely grateful for your contributions, your interest in volunteering, the activities you generated in your communities and schools, and more importantly, your desire to continue to support IWC. 





International Women of Color 2023