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Prepare for Your Trip to Ghana

  1. June – Sept. ‘21 – Make a decision to participation; complete the required forms, make initial deposit.
  2. Jan. – Mar. 2022 – Secure your Passport – it must be current and extend beyond the return date of the trip. To secure a passport (new and/or expired) secure the application from


Start ASAP – You want to get this over long before the trip.  Visa Information and application will take place in March.  IWC will provide you with the necessary information for your visa.


  1. Yellow Health Card – vaccinations need to be current; these include a Yellow Fever Vaccine and Covid Vaccine in addition to those required/suggested from CDC. A list of vaccines is provided in the tour description.  Many of these you may have.  For those that you will need, start now as there could be a shortage of some of the immunizations required.   IWC will keep everyone informed about the COVID situations both nationally and internationally.


  1. In 2022 -Doctor’s visit – virtual or in person – to insure you are physically and mentally prepared for this trip. Request anti-malaria medication prescription by August 2022.  Additionally, any prescription medication you are taking and will need should be purchased.  Make a copy of all your medications to keep with your travel documents. (A travel document form will be provided for this.)  IWC will request contact information and necessary health/medical information that will be kept on file during this tour.


  1. Virtual Sankofa Sessions
  • Nov ‘21 – Meet & Greet and Q&A Session, “A Little Learning Before Travel”


  • Jan ‘22 – “Meet the Tour Guides” and the representatives for our service projects (Virtual). Travel tips – planning your domestic flights, travel insurance.


  • Mar ‘22“Customs & Culture” – the art of traveling in a developing country, providing a positive image of our sorority and country, currency exchange, packing for 10 days


  • May ‘22 – Service projects – Cape Coast Children’s Library, Z-HOPETM Health Clinic & Water Wells, WoYeBra Day Conference, Ghana Chapter Zeta Project


  • Boulé ‘22 – “Meet & Greet” for those who plan to attend the conference.  It’s always good to meet our traveling companions.  If you are not attending Boulé, you will be able to join us virtually.


  • August ‘22 – “Final Sankofa Logistics” – Airport check-in, Group Me (for contacting each other), Luggage ID Tags, Copies of all travel documents, Room Pairings, Hotel Check-in, Group Leaders, Gratuities, etc.

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