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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we moving forward with the Sankofa Tour in light of COVID?

Yes, we continue to move forward with the Sankofa Tour.  IWC continues to monitor COVID in Ghana as well as the United States.  We receive a monthly update from the CDC relative to Ghana.   Below is where travel stands to date.  Please note that this is fluid and subject to change.  We cannot predict COVID changes; we do continue to remain positive and move forward with our plans.  As new information becomes available, we will notify you.


What is the purpose of the Sankofa Tour 2022?

This tour is designed with service project to correlate to our initiatives, educate our membership about the international programs and support the existing Zeta initiatives we have in Ghana.

What is the payment schedule for the Sankofa Tour 2022?

A payment schedule is included on the International Women of Color Website, and within the application.  Please visit

Who is able to submit an application and payment for the Sankofa Tour 2022?

An application can be submitted by Sorors and Amicae of the Sorority.  We acknowledge some sorors and Amicae require the assistance of a caretaker, and/or would like to bring their spouse, significant other, child, or sibling. We advise those that are interested in attending the tour as a guest understand this tour is a service project dedicated to the people of Ghana. Guests will be assigned a service group and will be asked to participate in group activities. It is the expectation that guests will be actively involved in the service activities of the Sorority should they submit an application and payment.

If I would like to fly on a separate date, can the IWC provided an adjusted cost? 

Currently, the IWC is unable to provide an adjusted cost should you decided not to travel with the group on the dates identified (September 24, 2022- October 2, 2022).  You may pursue other travel arrangements at your own expenses or with a travel agent.  The IWC nor the sorority will not be responsible for travel, activities, nor events that are not included in the Sankofa tour Itinerary as published.

Is there a reduced price for children?

A child under 12 will need to be accompanied by a parent and he/she will need to pay airfare.  The land tour will be free as a courtesy of the travel agent.  It is highly recommended that the adult selects “single occupancy” to provide privacy and sufficient accommodations for the adult and child.  Of course, double occupancy can be selected but your roommate must agree to have a child in the room.

I am trying to get clarification on the price and deposit for double occupancy.

Price Clarification.  The total cost for double occupancy is $3825 per person.  Once the $500 deposit is paid the balance due is $3325.  Each person applying for the tour will need to make application, select their payment plan and pay the $500 deposit.

What about CDC guidelines for COVID?

CDC guidelines are monitored monthly and we receive updates on COVID and any other medical concerns.   travel issues and concerns for Ghana.  This allows us to notify participants in advance should there be problems traveling to and in Ghana.

We receive monthly updates from the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs on travel issues and/or concerns for Ghana.  We will make every effort to keep participants informed during the coming year.

In reference to the Sankofa Tour, are husbands or males allowed as guests?

IWC acknowledges some sorors and Amicae require the assistance of a caretaker, and/or would like to bring their spouse, significant other, child, or sibling. We are accepting application for husbands, spouses, and significant others. We advise those that are interested in attending the tour as a guest understand this tour is a service project dedicated to the people of Ghana.

Would guests also participate in the Z-HopeTM Service Projects?

IWC Guests will be assigned a service group and will be asked to participate in group activities. It is the expectation that guests will be actively involved in the service activities of the Sorority should they submit an application and payment.

In reference to the type of accommodation (double or single) noted on the application, 1) would I need to complete my application and deposit first and then wait until my guest receives their link via email to complete their tour application and deposit to ensure we are linked in a room or 2)can the guest simply complete the application online and add my name and email address in the blank field as the roommate to link us in a room?

The IWC is actively reviewing the applications submitted, identifying the Double Occupancy option selected and payment received. Per the application, you can share the link with your guest.  The IWC will reconcile the applications submitted with the deposit payment received to confirm future notifications, announcements, and payment reminders.

If option 1) is selected: how long will it take for my guest to receive their application via email? [IWC] see response above.

Are there any clauses or refunds if increases in COVID affects the trip (cancellations,  delays)?

The IWC will consider the changing landscape as it relates to COVID-19.  A Cancellation Policy is included in the application, and outlines the refund.  Here is a direct link to the Cancellation Policy:

On average,  how many people will be participating in this tour? 

The number of participates will be based on those that have submitted their deposit and full Sankofa Tour payment.

Which company offers travel insurance? 

There are several travel insurance company.  Some travel insurance is offered through credit card companies, AAA, even car insurance companies. Here is a potential resource:

I didn’t receive the original email that went out.  Is there is still an opportunity to participate?

Yes, you can still apply for the tour.  Visit the link https://internationalwomenofcolor and complete the necessary application and payments.  We welcome your support.

Is there an option to take care of our own flight separate from the group?

You will be responsible for your flight to and from DC.  Our tour is inclusive of roundtrip travel from DC to Accra.  We do not have an option for individuals to arrange for separate flights.

How do we go about arranging flights to leave with the group from DC?

Our Sankofa Tour does not include your roundtrip flight from your local airport to DC. You will need to make the arrangements for that once we provide you with the specific details of our international flight.

I was trying to get an application for the trip to Ghana. The letter said no more response forms. Does that mean you are no longer taking people on this tour?

You can go to https://internationalwomenofcolor and follow the tab on the top right to apply and make your deposit.  Remember the deadline for this is September 30, 2021.

My main concern is the rate increasing after deposit is submitted. I’m not familiar with not knowing the rate (outside of airline) fluctuating; it’s always been known prior to the deposit. 

The pricing we received was based on a specific number of participants.  If we did not reach that number the cost could increase for the group.  I was happy to report to the tour company that we have met the required number.  That seals the price of the land tour.   Our deposits to the company are due October  and we have been assured that there will not be a price increase.  Reserving airfare early will also set our cost.  This can be done if information on the application is complete.

We will not have a webinar prior to September 30, but have schedule four throughout the year.

Will there be ADA accommodations? A wheelchair is needed.

The ADA  act applies only in the US.  Ghana is a developing country and it would be extremely difficult for a person  to  maneuver in a wheelchair on this trip.   Note that the terrain along with most streets and sidewalks (where available) are not suitable for wheelchairs (manual or electric) in many of the areas we will be travelling.

 Can I give my spot on this trip to another soror? 

You have a “spot” if you have completed the application and deposit process.  Anyone taking your place will need to complete the same process.  We can cancel your application and refund your deposit.  If you have not applied and paid the deposit, then anyone who applies will be able to participate.

Is a passport required for international travel? Why is the passport information needed?

A passport is required for international travel.  The passport information requested on the Sankofa Tour Application will be used to process airline reservations, hotel reservations and when requesting a travel VISAs for travel to Ghana.  For guidance on how to access a passport application form, passport application fees, obtain a headshot, and  schedule an interview, visit the following:

If you don’t have a passport  yet, type in numbers 1-8 on the application form.  I suggest you apply as soon as possible.

Will there be a Facebook group for Sorors to connect and for IWC to send information to in regards to our trip?

A Facebook Page has not been created for the Sankofa Tour.  Sorors, Amicae, and guests are asked to visit the webpage for information as it relates to the Sankofa Tour.  Sorors that submit an application and deposit by the proposed deadline will be added to a listserv and will be updated as webinars, events, and activities take place.

Should I continue to make payment on the Sankofa Tour?

Yes.  We encourage you to continue with your payments.  We have made reservations with the hotels and are currently in negotiations with the airlines           (international and domestic).  IWC makes every effort to work with you relative to payments and have added additional payment plans to accommodate needs.

Can I upgrade my travel to business class?

Currently, all seats for business class have been reserved and we no longer have business class seats available.




What is Yellow Vaccination Card?

What is Yellow Vaccination Card?


CDC Health Information for International Travel (“The Yellow Book”) has been a trusted resource for over 50 years. In 1967, CDC published the first Yellow Book, a small pamphlet intended to satisfy the International Sanitary Regulations requirements (1951) and later, the International Health Regulations (IHR). Adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1969 and completely revised in 2005, the IHR are designed to ensure maximum security against the international spread of diseases, with minimum interference with world travel and commerce. A copy of the current IHR and supporting information can be found on the WHO website (

In addition to reporting public health events of international concern, the United States must also inform the public about health requirements for entering or leaving other countries, such as the need to be vaccinated against yellow fever. The Yellow Book and the CDC Travelers’ Health website aim to communicate these requirements under the IHR (2005).

The Yellow Book has expanded significantly in breadth and depth over the years. It is written primarily for clinicians, including physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Others, such as people in the travel industry, multinational corporations, missionary and volunteer organizations, and individual travelers, can also find a wealth of information here.

Authored by subject-matter experts both within and outside CDC, the guidelines presented in this book are evidence-based and supported by best practices. Internal text citations have not been included; however, a bibliography is appended to the end of each section for those interested in more detailed information. The CDC Travelers’ Health program and the CDC Foundation are pleased to partner with Oxford University Press, Inc., to publish the 2020 edition. In addition to the printed copy, a searchable, online version of the Yellow Book can be found on the CDC Travelers’ Health website (

Although this publication includes the most current information available at the time of printing, requirements and recommendations can change. Check the CDC Travelers’ Health website ( and the online Yellow Book for regularly updated information on requirements for international travel.


Questions, comments, and suggestions for CDC Travelers’ Health, including comments about this publication, may be made through the CDC-INFO contact center, toll-free at 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time (Monday–Friday, closed on holidays) or by visiting to submit your question through an online form.

Pretravel or Post travel Clinical Questions

The CDC is not a medical facility. Clinicians needing assistance with preparing patients for international travel should consider a referral to a travel clinic or a clinic listed on the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) website (

Clinicians with posttravel health questions regarding their patients may refer to a clinic listed on the ISTM website, the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene website (, or a medical university with specialists in infectious diseases.

State and local health departments may also be useful resources.

Because of the complexity of some travel-related diseases, Box 1-01 lists contact information for providers needing clinical assistance.

FAQs –

Sankofa Tour Preparatory Dates

Sankofa Tour Preparatory Dates

Prepare for Your Trip to Ghana

  1. June – Sept. ‘21 – Make a decision to participation; complete the required forms, make initial deposit.
  2. Jan. – Mar. 2022 – Secure your Passport – it must be current and extend beyond the return date of the trip. To secure a passport (new and/or expired) secure the application from


Start ASAP – You want to get this over long before the trip.  Visa Information and application will take place in March.  IWC will provide you with the necessary information for your visa.


  1. Yellow Health Card – vaccinations need to be current; these include a Yellow Fever Vaccine and Covid Vaccine in addition to those required/suggested from CDC. A list of vaccines is provided in the tour description.  Many of these you may have.  For those that you will need, start now as there could be a shortage of some of the immunizations required.   IWC will keep everyone informed about the COVID situations both nationally and internationally.


  1. In 2022 -Doctor’s visit – virtual or in person – to insure you are physically and mentally prepared for this trip. Request anti-malaria medication prescription by August 2022.  Additionally, any prescription medication you are taking and will need should be purchased.  Make a copy of all your medications to keep with your travel documents. (A travel document form will be provided for this.)  IWC will request contact information and necessary health/medical information that will be kept on file during this tour.


  1. Virtual Sankofa Sessions
  • Nov ‘21 – Meet & Greet and Q&A Session, “A Little Learning Before Travel”


  • Jan ‘22 – “Meet the Tour Guides” and the representatives for our service projects (Virtual). Travel tips – planning your domestic flights, travel insurance.


  • Mar ‘22“Customs & Culture” – the art of traveling in a developing country, providing a positive image of our sorority and country, currency exchange, packing for 10 days


  • May ‘22 – Service projects – Cape Coast Children’s Library, Z-HOPETM Health Clinic & Water Wells, WoYeBra Day Conference, Ghana Chapter Zeta Project


  • Boulé ‘22 – “Meet & Greet” for those who plan to attend the conference.  It’s always good to meet our traveling companions.  If you are not attending Boulé, you will be able to join us virtually.


  • August ‘22 – “Final Sankofa Logistics” – Airport check-in, Group Me (for contacting each other), Luggage ID Tags, Copies of all travel documents, Room Pairings, Hotel Check-in, Group Leaders, Gratuities, etc.
Sankofa Tour Payment

Sankofa Tour Payment

Sankofa Tour Payment Method

  • Type of Accommodations
    • Single Occupancy
    • Double Occupancy


  • No Cash or Checks will be accepted
  • All payments will be made through PayPal using the payment tab on the application and website
  • An invoice and all receipts will be emailed to you based on the payment terms you select.


Application Due on or before SEPTEMBER 30, 2021


Payment Terms    –       The Deposit, $500 is due at the time of your application – on or before Sept. 30, 2021

Payment Method   –   PayPal -The initial link for the deposit is attached to the application

  • Double  Occupancy
    • Deposit + Payment in Full
      • $500 + $3325  (Nov. 1, 2022)


    • Deposit + 2 Equal Payments (Feb. 1, 2022 & June 1, 2022)
      • $500 + $1662.50


    • Deposit + 4 Equal Payments (Nov. 1, 2021, Mar 1, 2022, June 1, 2022 & August 1, 2022)
      • $500 + $831.25


    • Deposit + 6 Equal Payments (Oct 1, 2021, Dec 1, 2021, Feb 1, 2022, April 1, 2022, June 1, 2022 & Aug. 1, 2022)
      • $500 + $554.16

  • Single Occupancy (Payment Due Dates are the same as Double Occupancy)
    • Deposit + Payment in Full
      • $500 + $3825


    • Deposit + 2 equal payments
      • $500 + 1912.50


    • Deposit + 4 equal Payments
      • $500 + $956.25


    • Deposit + 6 Equal Payments
      • $500 + 637.50

The Sankofa Tour includes roundtrip from Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC to Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana, hotel accommodations in Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast, tour guides, gratuities, land transportation, two meals daily, admission & event tickets.  Please review the refund policy provided with the itinerary.

Cancellation Policy – IWC ask that you make every effort to follow through with this tour once you begin payment.  However, we acknowledge that situations occur that can cause one to cancel.  IWC will make every effort to work with the tour company should this occur.  Please note the following:

  • Cancellation Fee on or before Feb.1, 2022 =  $600 –  administration fee plus Ghanaian hotel deposits and international airfare deposit.
  • Cancellation Fee between Feb. 1, 2022 and August 30, 2022 = $1200 administration fees, Ghanaian hotel deposit fee and international airfare deposit.
  • Cancellation between September 1, 2022 and day of departure will result in a $2400 Ghanaian hotel deposit and international airfare.

Travel InsuranceIWC strongly suggest that you  secure travel insurance.  We do not recommend a specific insurance company or policy; we ask that you research the best travel insurance companies and select one should you choose to do so.  You may have international travel insurance through your current policy and agency.

What’s Included?

What’s Included?


  • 3 & 4 STAR ACCOMODATION (Meals as per itinerary)





Sankofa Tour Schedule

Sankofa Tour Schedule


A 12 – Day Sankofa Experience Tour of Ghana, West Africa.

(Returning to our Roots, Experiencing History, Culture, Travel; the Z-HOPE initiatives and visiting with Gamma Alpha Sigma Zeta chapter in Ghana.)
$3,825 – Per Person Based on Double Occupancy
$4,325 – Single Supplement
Date: 23rd September – 04th October 2022

Tour Highlights

  • Welcome greetings and dinner followed by brief orientation by tour operator
  • Accra & Kumasi city tours
  • An audience with a traditional Chief and the chance to visit the various craft villages
  • Tour of Cape Coast and Elmina castles and slave dungeons
  • Experience walking on a canopy bridge hanging 100 feet above the forest floor in West Africa’s most noted tropical rainforest
  • Tour of Manhyia Palace, home of former Ashanti Kings
  • Akosombo & Volta Lake excursions
  • WoYe Bra Conference
  • Z – Hope Health Service & Educational Service Project


DISCLAIMER:  Cost will vary depending on group size. The cost of package will increase if hotel and transportation cost increases. Quote will be reviewed 6 months before your tour begins and you will be notified accordingly.

International Women of Color, Z-HOPE nor Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated accepts no responsibility or liability in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever resulting or arising directly or indirectly from your participation in this Sankofa Tour. Travel insurance is recommended.

Friday, September 23, 2022  |  DEPARTURE – UNITED AIRLINES
Depart Washington to Accra

Saturday, September 24, 2022AKWAABA – WELCOME
Arrive in Accra, Ghana.
Transfer from the airport to your hotel.
After lunch, Sankofa reception & orientation.
Folkloric entertainment and cocktail. Gamma Alpha Sigma Zeta Ghana chapter in attendance.

Lodging: Hotel in Accra
Meals: L & D

Sunday, September 25, 2022  |  DAY ACCRA CITY TOUR

After breakfast you will drive through the Administrative and Economic districts of Accra, Capital of Ghana. It is a 100-year-old city that has a blend of colonial and modern architecture. You will visit the W. E. B. Dubois Center for Pan African Culture, Independence / Black Star Square and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. You will also visit the University of Ghana at Legon, the first university to be built in the country. You will end your tour at the National Centre for Arts and Craft. Here you will have an opportunity to use your bargaining skills as you shop for artifacts from Ghana and West Africa.

Evening Lecture & folkloric entertainment at hotel.

Dressmakers and tailors will also be available to you to take measurements to make your customized African outfit.

Lodging: Hotel in Accra
Meals: B, L & D

Monday, September 26, 2022 |  CAPE COAST CASTLE / ELMINA CASTLE TOUR

Depart for a drive to the Central Region to explore the infamous forts, castles and slave dungeons of Ghana. On this tour you will experience the physical history of the slave trade, the impact of which is still felt beyond the shores of Africa today. Visit the Cape Coast Castle, which was built by the Swedes in 1653 and later taken over by the British. The castle also houses the West African Historical Museum, established by the Smithsonian Institute in collaboration with the Ghanaian Government in 1994.

Reading program for kids and/or help with stocking the library. After lunch, visit the Elmina Castle built by the Portuguese in 1482 as St. George’s Castle. This castle was the first European structure built in Sub – Saharan Africa. Spend a moment admiring the colorful harbor nestled just below Elmina Castle. Full of pirogues preparing to go to sea, this site offers one of West Africa’s greatest photo opportunities.

Lodging: Hotel in Cape Coast
Meals: B, L & D

Tuesday, September 27, 2022  |  KAKUM NATIONAL PARK

After breakfast, depart to explore the Kakum National Park. Kakum is one of West Africa’s surviving tropical rain forests, spanning over 360sq km and filled with diverse and dense vegetation. A blend of true rainforest and semi deciduous forest, Kakum is the home to over 40 large mammals, 400 bird species and a breathtaking array of butterflies, flora and fauna.

The most popular attraction in the forest is the canopy walkway which is made up of seven bridges extending 330m and hanging 40m above the forest floor. You will be given the choice to walk the canopy or enjoy a 2km nature walk through the forest to discover the wide variety of exotic floral species and the medicinal values they offer. After lunch, spend the remainder of the afternoon at the beach.

Lodging: Hotel in Cape Coast
Meals: B, L & D

Wednesday, September 28, 2022  |   CAPE COAST – KUMASI

Depart hotel for a City tour of Cape Coast and the University of Cape Coast.
Depart the central region through the former slave route to Assin Manso. This was the final transit point for enslaved Africans before being shipped off to the new world. Visit the final resting place for two ancestors whose mortal remains were returned from the USA and Jamaica and re-interred in Ghana. Continue with the drive through the scenic forest zone to Kumasi, seat of the Ashanti Empire and the commercial capital of Ghana.

Lodging: Hotel in Kumasi
Meals: B, D

Thursday, September 29, 2022  |  ZETA WELL VILLAGE / Z-HOPETM CLINIC

Depart hotel for a drive to Afia Kobi Ampem Girls Senior High School & Clinic visit. Z-HOPETM health service project – meet with the directors and school administrators. Return to Kumasi to explore the legend of the famous Ashantis at the Manhyia Palace Museum. There you will get a sense of a day in the life of an Ashanti ruler (Asantehene). At the museum, you will also obtain firsthand information on the legacies of the Ashanti kingdom, a regal history that dates back to 1700 and is told with relics and artifacts.

Lodging: Hotel in Kumasi
Meals: B, D

Friday, September 30, 2022 |  KUMASI CITY TOUR, CRAFT VILLAGES & ACCRA

After breakfast, check out for a city tour of Kumasi – the seat of the Ashanti Empire. Next, enjoy a drive through the city of Kumasi to view monuments dedicated to the memory of great Ashanti people including the National Cultural Center, featuring the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum and the studios of various potters, brass and batik makers. After lunch, continue to the three famous craft villages in the Ashanti Region:

Ahwiaa (the woodcarvers’ village), Ntonso (the home of Adinkra) and Bonwire (the Kente weaving village). You will have the opportunity to see how West African crafts are made and buy directly from the artisans who make them.

Depart for a drive to Accra

Lodging: Hotel in Accra
Meals: B, L & D

Saturday, October 1, 2022   |  AKOSOMBO DAM & VOLTA LAKE TOUR

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, check out and visit the amazing Akosombo Dam on the Lake Volta, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. The Akosombo Dam is a monumental hydro-electric dam built by Ghana’s first president in 1965 that provides a majority of the county’s electricity. The dam is the largest man-made dam in the world and serves electric energy to Togo, Benin and Cote d’Ivoire. After a tour of the power facility, you will rest by the by the Volta Lake or undertake some water sporting activities.

Return to Accra.

Option 2

Depart Accra early morning for a ride up the Akwapim-Togo range to Akosombo port in the Eastern Region. Arrive and take a cruise to Dodi Island on board the ‘Dodi
Princess 11’ on the largest artificial reservoir in the world based on surface area, lake Volta. Enjoy the barbeque lunch served on board whilst you dance to Ghanaian highlife music played by a live band.

Return to Accra.

Lodging: Hotel in Accra
Meals: B, L & D

Sunday, October 2, 2022  |   Z-HOPETM & GAMMA ALPHA SIGMA ZETA DAY
WoYe Bra Conference @ hotel in Accra

Z-HOPE & Gamma Alpha Sigma Zeta chapter in Ghana Cocktail (Evening)

Lodging: Hotel in Accra
Meals: B, L & Cocktail

Monday, October 3, 2022  |   DEPARTURE – UNITED AIRLINES

After breakfast, spend the day leisure or doing last minute shopping and packing.
Farewell dinner.
Transfer to the airport for check-in and departure at 11:20 pm

Tuesday, October 4, 2022   |  ARRIVAL -WASHINGTON
Arrive in Washington at 6:00 am


  • 3 & 4 STAR ACCOMODATION (Meals as per itinerary)



Yes! You are truly welcome to join us for the best Educational, Natural, Historical, Cultural and Recreational tour to Ghana. You will discover the Traditional African Culture with us and uncover the hidden African Legacy. We guarantee you will have a rare and unforgettable experience because this itinerary has been carefully prepared to give you the fullest possible sightseeing, historic, cultural and educational experience, whiles allowing time to simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings and savor the many pleasures of Ghana.

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